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In  my  mind  I  saw   her  face No,  not  her  face I  saw  her  heart In  my  mind  I  saw  her  heart  come  face  to  face  with  mine In  my  mind  I  saw  how  my  heart  drifted Like  hers  pushed,  shoved even,  mine  away I  saw   how  with  each  step,  mine  made  two  away My … Continue reading Entangled

Fiction · School · Short Stories

The Eclipse

 It  was  a  special  day  for  everyone-the  day  of  the  eclipse.  People  waited  with  anticipation  and  unabated  breath  for  the  second  hand  of  the  clock  to  kick  the  10.17  mark.  The  scientists  had  said  that  it  would  occur  at  that  time.  In  unison  people  waited  for  one  common  thing  announced  by  the  scientists.  They  had … Continue reading The Eclipse

Fiction · Musings · School · Short Stories

When They Met

The days were dragging. At a belly like pace. It felt like they would start a new week on a Monday, overlooking all the hang-overs and the ‘blues’. Then at the tail end, on a Wednesday night, God at that moment seated on the throne, a pipe probably in hand, smoking, pointing and gesturing and… Continue reading When They Met