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Why Teachers Go (Back) to Class

Buru!!! Buru!!! Buru!!! Watu wanne gari inatoka. Madam unaishia? Ingia ni watu wanne tu wamebakia. Buru!!! Buru!!! Ingia kwa hii gari jamaa!!! Buru karibu tuishie!!! A fight-like encounter seems to be brooding between two matatu conductors. Now that is quite ‘normal’ around the bus station. I manage to push my way through, in between the… Continue reading Why Teachers Go (Back) to Class

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Blue Bloods

My head is whirling, spinning in circles. I fear heights. They make me jittery. I have always feared heights since childhood. While my age mates crossed the bridge at River Ella to Yao village to play with the kids from the neighbouring community, I stayed behind for fear of falling down the gushing waters. That… Continue reading Blue Bloods